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Academic Research on Education Abroad
(AREA Database)

In order to frame future lines of inquiry into student engagement of students attending U.S. colleges or universities and studying on university-approved programs outside of the country, we mapped the research base from 2002 (post-9/11) to 2020 (pre-Covid-19).
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LGBTQIA+ Students Navigating Identity and Community Abroad

In order to frame future lines of inquiry into student engagement of This project explores how U.S. based LGBTQIA+ students navigate their time during an education abroad opportunity. We are investigating largely how students navigate their identities, disclose their identities to the local community and their study abroad peers, and how community formation occurs around their identity. To learn more, click here.

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Project RISE: International Student Experience

The goal of this longitudinal study is to understand the interplay of personal factors (e.g., perceived language skills) and institutional factors (e.g., faculty social support) on international students’ adjustment, including belonging, psychological well-being, and academic achievement. This project is funded in part by a research grant from IELTS. To learn more, click here.

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Developing Global Competency

This project is an intervention designed to enhance the global competency (i.e., the ability to interact respectfully and effectively with people of different cultures and backgrounds) of high school students in the U.S. through a monthly extra-curricular or co-curricular program delivered at the students’ school. This project is funded by Tower Bridge International.

Completed Projects

International Student Social Support and Belonging

The longitudinal project is designed to explore associations between demographic factors, specific sources of social support for international students, and belonging and well-being outcomes. The project extends current literature on the importance of social support for student adjustment by testing for different types of social support (e.g., faculty, international student, domestic student, number of friends).

International Student Transition Course

The ISTC project was designed to determine the efficacy of a one-credit semester course to help first-year undergraduate international students gain knowledge, confidence, and usefulness in certain intercultural skills.