Center for Research on Abroad and International Student Engagement


To understand and enhance the experiences, engagement, and development of abroad and international students

Driving Questions

  • How can students maximize growth and engagement through the abroad experience?
  • How can universities support international students’ engagement and development?
  • How can global competency increase engagement across cultures and backgrounds?
Photo: Chiles Millennium Scholar

Chiles selected as Millennium Scholar

Porshè Chiles, Associate Director of the RAISE Center, was selected as a Millennium Scholar for the 2021 cohort. The Millennium Scholars Program provides research networking and mentorship with established researchers in the field of global student mobility and global and international education. Porshè will work with Dr. Mary Ann Bodine Al-Sharif to further her work on enhancing theory on intercultural awareness as well as bringing research to practice for globally mobile students.

Photo: Fanyi Zeng

Graduate student publishes research

Fanyi Zeng (WFU B.A. Psychology ’19), a student in the Psychology Master’s program, authored an article accepted to the Journal of International Students in June, titled “Biopsychosocial factors associated with depression among U.S. undergraduate international students.” Fanyi led this study prior to graduate school while she served as a research intern for the Center for Research on Abroad and International Student Engagement (RAISE Center). The work was a collaboration between the RAISE Center, Wellbeing Assessment, and Psychology Department. Read more here.

Photo: Nelson Qiaona Jon

RAISE Center Receives External Funding

Nelson Brunsting, Director, RAISE Center, WFU (PI), Qiaona Yu, Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, WFU, and Jon Smart, Assistant Teaching Professor of Writing, WFU, were awarded an International English Language Testing Service Joint-Funded Research Grant for their project, Investigating Linkages between International Students’ English Language Proficiency, Social-Contextual Outcomes, and Well-Being in U.S. Universities. The AU$70,000 award supports the longitudinal project January, 2021 through June, 2022. Read more here.

Active Projects

Recent Publications

Kiang, L., Brunsting, N. C., Zachry, C., He, Y., Takeuchi, R., & Tevis, T. (in press). Identity fusion of international students with different social groups and well-being outcomes: A longitudinal study. Journal of Studies in International Education. doi: 10.1177/1028315320932320

Brunsting, N. C., Zachry, C. E., Liu, J., Bryant, R., Fang, X., Wu, S., & Luo, X., (2021). Sources of perceived social support, social-emotional experiences, and psychological well-being of international students. Journal of Experimental Education, 89 95-111. doi: 10.1080/00220973.2019.1639598

Luo, Z., Wu, S., Fang, X., & Brunsting, N. C. (2019). International students’ perceived language competence, domestic student support, and well-being at a U.S. university. Journal of International Students, 19, 954-971. doi: 10.32674/jis.v0i0.605