Researchers affiliated with the RAISE Center lead research and practitioner projects relevant to the broader scope of the RAISE Center. Affiliated researchers are invited to contribute at biannual meetings and symposia to shape the course of research on abroad and international student engagement. Further, they serve as a resource when needed for RAISE Center research teams and sponsored projects.


Meeting frequency: 2 per year, beginning January 2021
Affiliation Length: Three years, renewable

Activities: Contribute to meetings and symposia designed to map the current knowledge base and identify key areas for future research in abroad and international student engagement; provide expertise as needed for RAISE Center research teams

Apply: Contact for an application.

Join a Research Team

Researchers and students interested in joining an active research team are encouraged to view our projects page to determine which project(s) are of most interest prior to applying to join a team. Members of the research teams may be involved in all aspects of a research project, including conducting a systematic literature review, recruitment of participants, data cleaning, analysis, and manuscript preparation.


Time commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Meeting frequency: 1-4 meetings per month, depending on team*
*Meetings are currently held via Zoom

All members actively supporting the research project will be invited to write for authorship on publications.

Apply: Interested individuals are encouraged to email

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