Leadership Team

Nelson Brunsting

Nelson Brunsting, PhD (CV)
Director, RAISE Center
Research Associate Professor, International Studies
Wake Forest University

Nelson’s research focuses on understanding and enhancing the development and social-emotional well-being of diverse groups in educational contexts. Drawing on expertise in developmental psychology and special education as well as experience developing educational programs for international students in their home countries and assessment for global competency, Nelson provides an interdisciplinary approach for the RAISE Center and leads the International Student Engagement Research Team. Nelson is an Associate Editor for the Journal of International Students.

Porshè Chiles

Photo: Porshe Chiles
Porshè Chiles, M.Ed.
Associate Director, RAISE Center
Instructor, International Studies
Wake Forest University

Porshè serves as the intercultural and global competency expert for the RAISE Center. Drawing on her experience in higher education faculty and student development, training, and teaching in identity, culture, and global awareness, Porshè provides an intersectional approach and lens to the RAISE Center projects. Porshè leads the Mapping the Knowledge Base project for Abroad Student Engagement, and is developing a line of inquiry on the efficacy of pre-, during, and post-abroad curricula on abroad student engagement and global mindset growth.

W. Patrick Bingham

W. Patrick Bingham, PhD
Research Coordinator, RAISE Center
Wake Forest University

Patrick’s research explores the experiences of LGBTQ+ students in study abroad contexts. Patrick’s experience in study abroad, international student services, lecturing, and with qualitative research methods supports RAISE Center projects, including Project RISE and Project GEO

Kline Harrison

Photo: Kline HarrisonKline Harrison, PhD
Associate Vice President
Vice Provost for Global Affairs
Kemper Professor of Business
Wake Forest University

Kline’s research examines personality variables affecting cross-cultural adjustment for undergraduates studying abroad as well as factors which impact the effective functioning of expatriates in cross-cultural settings. His most recent line of inquiry investigates the impact of grit, cultural intelligence and reflection on study abroad students’ cross-cultural adaptation. Drawing on expertise in study abroad, organizational theory and behavior, and cross-cultural dynamics as well as experience developing collaborative initiatives with partner organizations and institutions throughout the world, Kline provides a global organizational perspective to the RAISE Center. Kline is a Certified Education Abroad Professional and serves on the Board of Directors for IES Abroad.